Time Management

At one time or another, every person has thought about ditching responsibilities for something more fun or interesting to them. This can be okay to do every once in a while but we don’t want to make a habit out of this. Time management is never an easy thing to start because it can seem like more work than the original assignment(s). If you look closely at the strategies listed below you will not only have enough time to complete assignments but also go out, or stay in, and have fun! Chances are you are not the only one struggling to better manage your time and your peers may have helpful tips for you. Consider these strategies, and the strategies of your peers, the next time you get overwhelmed or stressed.

  1. Create a master schedule: This can help organize large projects and keep track of upcoming due dates. Creating the schedule will take time but it is something you will use all year.
  2. Use an agenda: If big schedules or calendars are not for you that is okay, an agenda is a perfect alternative to schedules. You can keep track of assignments day to day or week to week with an agenda.
  3. Set goals: If you have a large assignment you can break it up into smaller more accessible assignments to complete throughout the week. No goal is ever too small, as long as you are trying your best to complete something.
  4. Start working on assignments early: If you have a large assignment due 2 months after you get it, for example, do not wait until the week it is due to complete it. If you have 2 months to complete an assignment chances are you will need that long to get it done.
  5. Study in smaller amounts of time: It is important to take breaks. I enjoy using this time frame; 45 minutes of work or studying to 15 minutes of a break. Your brain can get overloaded very quickly if you are not taking proper breaks.
  6. Get as much sleep as you can: If you are trying to complete an assignment on small amounts of sleep you will not be as focused and will not retain any of the information. When you get more sleep your brain is more rested and ready to tackle anything you throw at it.

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