What does it mean to advocate for yourself? There are three steps in this process:

  1. Know yourself – This can be how you learn, what teaching strategies work well for you and what strategies don’t. This could also be if you know that you need to get up and move around to focus or if you just need to sit and doodle while you listen. Getting to know who you are as a learner helps your teacher to help you in better more effective ways.
  2. Know what you need – If you are a more visual learner you know that you need to have more examples draw out or represented virtually. If you learn better through listening and taking notes, then that is what you need to be doing in your classroom. Every student has a different way of understanding material and that is okay!
  3. Know how to get what you need – Speak up for yourself! If you need something repeated or taught in a different way, ask for it. Teachers are here to help you learn the best way that you can, if your teacher does not know how you learn, they may not be teaching you in the most effective way.

Do not feel like you cannot ask your teacher to help you further. Teachers are in schools to educate and help students any way that they can, and the first step in learning is knowing yourself. Next time you are in class ask yourself “Is this the best way for me to learn, or can I ask to be shown this lesson in a different way?”

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