Growing your Brain

Did you know that when you believe in yourself, your brain operates differently than if you did not believe in your abilities. Everyone has a mindset, or a core belief about how they learn and what strategies work best for them.

Growth Mindset ~ You believe that smartness increases with hard work Fixed Mindset ~ You believe you can’t change your basic level of intelligence

When mindsets are changed and you start to believe that you can learn to high levels, you are actually changing your learning pathways and can achieve higher levels of learning. Growth mindset individuals have a greater awareness of errors than those with a fixed mindset. If you believe in yourself, your brain is more likely to spark and grow when mistakes are made. When a mistake is made, synapses fire in our brains.

A synapse is an electrical signal that moves between parts of the brain when learning occurs.

We do not need to be aware of the mistake that was made in order for our brains to spark. Making mistakes is not only a learning opportunity but can also lead to times where your brain can grow.

The first step to growing our brains and having sparks from synapses is to have an open mind and believe in the power of your own thinking!

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