Building Better Relationships

When teachers are told that students can achieve at a higher level, they believe in the students more. Teachers should always be looking for opportunities to provide feedback, both constructive and positive. When students hear “I believe in you” they achieve more in less time. There is so much unrecognized power in teacher-student relationships! All students deserve to hear positive beliefs from the teacher, especially those who could have underlying struggles in their lives.

“You can be the person who turns things around for students and liberates their learning path. It usually takes just one person – a person whom students will not forget”

There is so much value and importance in connections and relationships built with your students. No significant learning can happen without a significant relationship because kids don’t usually learn from people they do not like. Part of building these relationships is admitting to mistakes and apologizing for things done wrong, this will build trust within the relationship. Something else to keep in mind is to acknowledge all students’ victories, even if they are small. This will connect the student to you more as well as boost their self-esteem and confidence which will help them believe in themselves more. “Every child deserves a champion” in the words of Rita Pierson.

“A champion: Someone who will never give up on them, understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be”

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